When I reached 48 years old, I realized that it was two years before I reached 50 (half a century). For half a century, I had achieved nothing worth taking about. No job, no wife, no kids and living on my mother like a teenager.

After A-level examination in Kenya, I proceeded to USA for further studies. While I was in US, I never registered for any course. For 7 ½ years I was just drinking. I came back to Kenya in 1990 and continued drinking. By 1997, I started getting admitted into rehabilitation centers and mental health facilities, but I would relapse into alcoholism soon after discharge.

I thank my parents for they never gave up on me. My brother come from South Africa and was assigned the duty of finding a rehab with success stories. He identified Brightside rehabilitation centre in kitusuru, Nairobi.

I agreed to be booked – in, although my expectations for recovery were low (after previous relapses).

Brightside however, presented rehabilitation with a difference. It dealt with a revival of various aspects of the addict’s life. Alcoholism had affected me physically, spiritually, psychologically and socially. Brightside addressed all those areas. The program helped me to rediscover myself, recovering my self – esteem and building my self – confidence.

Unlike my previous attempts, maintaining sobriety by practicing the recommended measures, working through and practicing the nine steps, has been my formula in my quest to maintain sobriety. I am positive and the sky is the limit.

I have no words that I can express my gratitude to Brightside for restoring my life. I am now alive to myself and to others.

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